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Which is worse for an officer accused of domestic violence?

It is no secret that police officers in Southern California have dangerous jobs that require them to be fully committed to public service, while they are commonly criticized for simply doing their jobs. But we know that some officers may not always exhibit the commitment we expect for our law enforcement community.

Could a therapist help officers accused of domestic violence?

Generally speaking, police officers understand that crimes don’t simply happen in a vacuum. There may be external pressures that lead people to commit crimes, such as economic calamities, lack of emotional support or even inadequate coping skills. It is ironic that these same pressures can affect police officers and even lead to them to commit domestic violence.

Could an early warning system help or hurt accused officers

To some it may be obvious; but for others, it may not be common knowledge that the work of a police officer can be stressful. It may also be unnoticed that different police officers handle the stressors of the job differently. Some find healthy, useful outlets while others may turn to dangerous, nefarious habits. Whatever the reaction or treatment of stress, it is important for it not to manifest itself in domestic violence.

Are police officers viewed like NFL players?

It is only a matter of time before NFL training camps open later this summer and the story of Joe Mixon (and the controversy surrounding him) resurfaces. For those unfamiliar with the running back from the University of Oklahoma selected by the Cincinnati Bengals, he is essentially the new poster child for the angst against professional athletes who still play in the NFL despite having criminal convictions for domestic abuse.

Questions officers should ask when accused of domestic violence

Indeed, being accused of domestic violence can be a frustrating and helpless experience when you are a police officer. You pledge your life to uphold the law and hold those accountable who do not. But when someone accuses you of a crime simply to exert their power over you, the thought of your career (and your good name) being threatened can be overwhelming.

What should I do with a restraining order issued against me?

Being embroiled in custody and parenting time dispute is undoubtedly stressful if you are a police officer. The prospect of one person deciding when (or whether) you may see your children is inherently unfair, especially when they don’t know you at all. Decisions about parenting time and access can become especially complicated when you include a restraining order.

Questions for officers accused of domestic violence

As a police officer, you are trained to be precise in your investigations of crimes so that as much useful information can be obtained to properly adjudicate the matter in court. When you are the subject of a domestic violence charge, the same rules essentially apply.

Domestic violence charges covered under a big umbrella

When people think about crimes, they often think about specific behaviors or actions that lead to specific charges. Indeed, specificity is a crucial element in many criminal offenses. However, some criminal charges have much broader definitions and applications.


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