Do False Allegations Of Domestic Violence Happen?

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There is no doubt that domestic violence is a major problem. Every day, people suffer serious emotional or physical abuse from a spouse, a significant other or someone else they are in a domestic relationship with.

Police take domestic abuse calls seriously. Someone is typically going to be arrested in these situations. Prosecutors are aggressive in seeking convictions, and rarely let someone off without punishment, even if the alleged victim asks to drop the charges.

But what happens if the domestic violence did not actually happen? What happens in the rare event that the allegations were false?

Why Would Someone Make False Accusations?

First of all, it may not have even been the alleged victim that made the call. Perhaps it was a neighbor or some other party who did not actually see what happened. Police may still come. Someone may still be arrested.

A person may falsely accuse someone of domestic violence for a variety of reasons. For example, false accusations may happen in the context of a divorce or a child custody dispute when one party hopes to gain advantage in that case.

False Or Not, These Charges Must Be Taken Seriously

Whatever the reason may be, it is important that the accused take the domestic violence charges seriously, even if he or she knows they are not true. Do not expect the truth to come out on its own.

Do not expect the police to take your side. Do not expect the prosecutor to take your side. However, you do have rights, and you can make certain your side of the story is heard with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

A criminal defense lawyer can review all of the evidence, shine a light on the flaws, make certain your side of the story is heard and fight to see that the truth comes out.