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Questions for officers accused of domestic violence

As a police officer, you are trained to be precise in your investigations of crimes so that as much useful information can be obtained to properly adjudicate the matter in court. When you are the subject of a domestic violence charge, the same rules essentially apply.

A word of reason for officers accused of crimes

We rely on and expect police officers to live by the laws they are charged to enforce. After all, they represent the authority of the State of California, which means that they must uphold a standard of fairness and decency. However, it is no secret that some officers break the law. But if you think for a second that the system will be lenient against police officers because of their place in law enforcement, you will be sadly mistaken.

Why police officers accused of sex crimes need representation

In Los Angeles, and across California, it is not uncommon to hold police officers in high regard. Indeed, they have a dangerous, often thank-less job, but it comes with a sense of responsibility. In essence, we expect police officers to follow the laws they are charged with enforcing. So when a police officer is arrested or charged with a sex crime, it sometimes shakes the foundation of our society.

Domestic violence charges covered under a big umbrella

When people think about crimes, they often think about specific behaviors or actions that lead to specific charges. Indeed, specificity is a crucial element in many criminal offenses. However, some criminal charges have much broader definitions and applications.


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