A word of reason for officers accused of crimes

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2017 | criminal defense |

We rely on and expect police officers to live by the laws they are charged to enforce. After all, they represent the authority of the State of California, which means that they must uphold a standard of fairness and decency. However, it is no secret that some officers break the law. But if you think for a second that the system will be lenient against police officers because of their place in law enforcement, you will be sadly mistaken.

An Associated Press report  highlighted how scores of officers have lost their ability to work in law enforcement due to criminal charges. The report also detailed the possibility that the actual number of officers researched could have been significantly underestimated given how a number of states do not collect data on officers that have been charged with sex crimes. 

Yes, a number of officers have been fired and others await potential criminal consequences after being charged with rape, stalking and other forms of domestic abuse. While these stories are certainly disappointing instances of officers abusing their power, they also are indicative of the legal rights that all people charged with a crime have, regardless of whether they are law enforcement officers.

So if you are a law enforcement officer and have been charged with a crime, or you are under investigation for sex based misconduct, an experienced criminal defense attorney can guide you through the process and work on your behalf to defend against the charges.

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