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April 2017 Archives

Officer accused of stealing marijuana from arrestee

As a result of last November’s election, recreational use of marijuana is now legal in California. However, this does not mean that people can take other people’s stashes without their permission. This especially applies to law enforcement officers taking custody of legal amounts of marijuana without a legal basis.

How often are police officers arrested?

We know that police officers are sometimes charged with crimes. But the frequency of such charges has always been a vexing question. Depending on what segment of the public is questioned, only a small number of officers face criminal charges. Others may believe that cops are merely crooks that have not been caught yet.

Three defense strategies against assault charges

Law enforcement officers face potentially dangerous situations every day. In this peril, officers often have to resort to use of force to defend themselves and others from suspects who could be armed. However, use of force has become the subject of particular scrutiny recently as reports of police brutality surface every day.

What should I do with a restraining order issued against me?

Being embroiled in custody and parenting time dispute is undoubtedly stressful if you are a police officer. The prospect of one person deciding when (or whether) you may see your children is inherently unfair, especially when they don’t know you at all. Decisions about parenting time and access can become especially complicated when you include a restraining order.


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