Questions officers should ask when accused of domestic violence

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Indeed, being accused of domestic violence can be a frustrating and helpless experience when you are a police officer. You pledge your life to uphold the law and hold those accountable who do not. But when someone accuses you of a crime simply to exert their power over you, the thought of your career (and your good name) being threatened can be overwhelming.

If this describes your situation, you probably have a number of questions. This post will highlight some of the common questions raised by police officers who need to defend against domestic violence accusations.

Will I be investigated by my superiors? – Chances are that your department has a written policy requiring a superior to look into the allegations. This is an important opportunity to set the narrative and begin to protect your legal rights as well as your career.

Will I be placed on administrative leave? – Depending on your role within the department, and whether you regularly carry a department issued firearm, you may be placed on administrative leave. It is important in these situations to ensure that such leave is not recorded as a disciplinary measure.

Will I be able to return home? – If a temporary restraining order or no-contact order has been issued, chances are that you will only be allowed to enter your residence under narrowly defined protocols. If no order has been issued, you may want to be cautious about returning, especially if the potential for further incident is high.

These and other questions are reasons to consult a criminal defense attorney experienced with defending police officers accused of domestic violence.

The preceding is not legal advice.