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LAPD officer accused of sex with cadet now faces weapons charges

In a prior post, we highlighted the arrest of a LAPD officer who was accused of having a sexual relationship with a teen cadet and how important it would be for officers accused of sex crimes or inappropriate sexual relationships to have experienced legal counsel. Essentially, the legal system can be particularly unforgiving to officers accused of crimes despite the stories of officers having relationships with district attorneys, investigators and judges.

Since that post, the officer’s potential criminal jeopardy has expanded. A search of the officer’s home stemming from the sex crime revealed additional evidence and information that led to more criminal charges. The LA Times reports that investigators recovered more than 100 weapons from his Rancho Cucamonga home. 

The weapons included handguns, assault rifles and inert grenades. Authorities noted that many of the guns had been modified in an illegal manner and were no longer legal to own under California law. Because of this, the officer was then charged with multiple counts of possessing, manufacturing and distributing illegal guns.

After the San Bernadino County Attorney’s Office presented its case to a judge, a warrant was issued for the officer’s arrest. He surrendered to authorities last week. It remains to be seen what terms he will be required to agree to as part of his temporary release.

Once again, the story exemplifies the need for police officers accused of crimes to have an experienced criminal defense attorney when charged with a felony. Not only could a felony offense mean the end of an officer’s career, it could result in significant jail time. If you have questions about charges against you, or believe that you are under investigation for a crime, we invite you to contact us. 

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