Prosecutor: no charges in ongoing domestic violence dispute

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As the old saying goes, there are always at least two sides to every story. The truth in the saying is often illustrated in cases involving allegations of domestic violence. There is no doubt that domestic violence does occur, just as there is no doubt that sometimes false charges of domestic violence are made in bitter divorces and other relationship disputes.

We do not know who is telling the truth in a series of ongoing disputes taking place about an hour southeast of Manhattan Beach, but we do know that the Orange County District Attorney’s office has declined to bring charges in the matter.

The case involves reality TV star Audrina Patridge and her estranged husband, Corey Bohan, an Australian professional BMX dirt bike racer. The couple apparently lives in Irvine.

She called the city’s police department in early September, following up on complaints she had made that her spouse was harassing her. Police investigated her claims and then passed the their findings on to the District Attorney’s office for review.

After the office looked at the case, they declined to file charges against Bohan, saying that the prosecutor had reviewed the information Irvine police had provided and did not believe that guilt beyond a reasonable doubt could be proven.

A spokesperson for Patridge said that despite the setback, “There is still a family law domestic violence case open” in the couple’s tumultuous divorce.

Patridge and Bohan have been married less than a year and have a year-old daughter.

According to a news report, 32-year-old Patridge filed for a temporary restraining order after she says a domestic violence incident occurred.

Domestic violence issues can be complex, whether they involve public figures or people living outside of the limelight. In both situations, suspects face serious consequences if found guilty, which makes immediate representation by an experienced, skilled defense attorney vital.