Police sting for sex crimes caught one of their own

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | sex crimes |

Last week a county sheriff’s office in another state ran a week-long sting to target sex trafficking and online prostitution. The week resulted in arresting almost 300 people from various states and a broad age range between 16-74 years old. Their backgrounds varied as well, including teachers, military members both active and retired, and one of their own—a police officer.

If you are facing similar charges or a comparable circumstance to the story mentioned above, it can be easy to feel guilty and without options. However, every person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty, and you have the right to defend yourself.

To identify possible defenses, ask yourself the following questions. Remember that you don’t need to answer any police questions without an attorney by your side.

Situational questions

These questions can help you and your attorney understand the circumstances surrounding an arrest and alleged encounter—which could reveal any possible misconduct or false allegations.

  • Do you have texts, emails, voicemails, incoming calls, messages, etc. from the person involved?
  • Was either of you in an area that may have security footage available?
  • Can you prove where you were before, during or after the event in question?
  • Did you, the other person involved, or anyone with you at the time drink or do drugs?
  • Were you led to believe the person in question was above the legal age for the specific state?

Personal questions

These questions can help you understand any information about yourself that may contribute to your defense.

  • Is there anything similar to this in your past personal or sexual history?
  • Are you aware of anything similar in the other person’s history?
  • Are you of sound mental capacity?
  • Are you on prescription medications for any mental or psychological issues?
  • Do you have noticeable physical features that make you easier or harder to identify correctly?
  • Did you take reasonable care and opportunity to ask about age and consent of the other person?
  • Are you being targeted or framed in this situation?

Being accused of a sex crime is an extremely stressful event that can damage your home and work life, your criminal record, and affect you for years to come, so it is crucial that you work with an attorney to build a defense and protect your rights. It could make all the difference in the future you may be facing.