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Conyers' son not charged in L.A. domestic violence incident

John Conyers served in the U.S. House of Representatives since Lyndon Johnson was president. But his long tenure came to a swift end after a number of sexual harassment allegations were made against him by former staffers and others. The 88-year-old recently announced his resignation from Congress, endorsing his son as his replacement.

Possible bias lurking in domestic violence trials

If you have faced criminal charges in the past, you probably know that the media can have a huge impact on how the rest of society views people accused of a crime. Social punishments could begin as soon as allegations become public, even if the courts have yet to reach a decision.

High Stress Of Law Enforcement Jobs Strains Relationships

Being a police officer can be a rewarding career, but it can also bring with it a tremendous amount of stress. This stress can take a serious toll in an officer's marriage or relationship, and without awareness or help, can contribute to domestic violence incidents. At least forty percent of families of police officers struggle with domestic violence. This is in contrast to ten percent of the general population, according to the National Center for Women & Policing.

Complex issues often lurk behind domestic violence charges

There is an old adage that things are always more complicated than they seem. Like so many familiar sayings, that one has an element of truth to it. Consider, for example, the often complex issues lurking behind incidents and allegations of domestic violence.

Prosecutor: no charges in ongoing domestic violence dispute

As the old saying goes, there are always at least two sides to every story. The truth in the saying is often illustrated in cases involving allegations of domestic violence. There is no doubt that domestic violence does occur, just as there is no doubt that sometimes false charges of domestic violence are made in bitter divorces and other relationship disputes.

Which is worse for an officer accused of domestic violence?

It is no secret that police officers in Southern California have dangerous jobs that require them to be fully committed to public service, while they are commonly criticized for simply doing their jobs. But we know that some officers may not always exhibit the commitment we expect for our law enforcement community.

What do domestic violence charges mean for a police officer?

Few jobs carry as heavy a burden as police work. Whether dealing with daily tasks or high profile and dangerous cases, officers need to be able to manage stress and to handle adversity. The job requires the ability to keep one's cool in the heat of the moment, on or off-duty. A violent criminal offense can kill a career.

Could a therapist help officers accused of domestic violence?

Generally speaking, police officers understand that crimes don’t simply happen in a vacuum. There may be external pressures that lead people to commit crimes, such as economic calamities, lack of emotional support or even inadequate coping skills. It is ironic that these same pressures can affect police officers and even lead to them to commit domestic violence.

Could an early warning system help or hurt accused officers

To some it may be obvious; but for others, it may not be common knowledge that the work of a police officer can be stressful. It may also be unnoticed that different police officers handle the stressors of the job differently. Some find healthy, useful outlets while others may turn to dangerous, nefarious habits. Whatever the reaction or treatment of stress, it is important for it not to manifest itself in domestic violence.


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