” Good Afternoon Lisa,
I wanted to leave a review – however there was no way of leaving one anonymously either on Google or Facebook.
Both my family and I could not ask for better lawyer to support us through this difficult time. You are the very best communicator, listener, and advisor. I did not feel like another client once we started working together. From our first call, you went out of your way to really understand my perspective and my worries. When engaging law enforcement I felt very comfortable because of Howle Law. You understood the department locally, and you seemed to master the process of the investigation. Also, in the investigation room detectives could not throw any surprises our way. This is because we previously spoke honestly and were well prepared going into this meeting.
I was falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. I learned that law enforcement is never on your side once you are accused of certain charge like I was. Feeling like I was guilty until proven innocent – this case was dragged out for almost a year, with a threat of arrest lingering everyday. However, I was able to live my life and not worry about being arrested. If I was arrested Howle Law had a plan in place to assist me. After the case closed, Howle Law really showed their true character. I wanted to pursue action after that case was closed, by bringing the accuser up on false charges or go after monetary damages. Howle Law explained the circumstances, the risks, and really the care for my own well being. Thank you Lisa, for showing me the power of letting go and allowing me to live my life.
Anyone that is able to be your client is very fortunate. 1 Million thank yous will never be enough to show my appreciation. “

~ Respectfully,

“…In The Many Years That I’ve Been On The Bench, I’ve Never Seen A Better Trial Lawyer”

~ Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge

“Tears Of Joy Run Freely As Is To Cleanse The Pain That We As A Family Have Carried For Years…please Thank Your Entire Team For Their Tireless Work!”

~ Family Of Courtney And Vicki B.

“Thank You! You Did Them Justice. My Family Will Never Forget You And Your Dedication.”

~ Lelanea M.

“Thank You So Much For A Job Superbly Done. You’re A Credit To Your Profession.”

~ Michael M.

“Congrats On Handling This Case. In Addition To The Legal Complexities, I Know That The Emotional Toll Was Significant. Thank You For Your Work.”

~ Vicki A

“Words Cannot Express The Thanks I Have For You…you Have Changed Our Lives For The Better And I Want To Say Thank You For Everything You Have Done.”

~ Katelin S.

“She Possesses The Two Attributes Necessary For An Effective Trial Attorney: A Keen Intellect Coupled With An Excellent Demeanor.”

~Al B.<!–

“Her Initiative, Drive, Responsiveness And Ability Have Served Us Well.”

~ Julianne W.

“Dear Lisa:
I want to thank you for recently making yourself available for a criminal law consultation. You exceeded my expectations in every way. You took my call at a time of my choosing at a moment’s notice. The biggest complaint about lawyers is that they do not return phone calls. In your line of work, timing is everything and getting the advice I needed when I needed it was critical. Thank you. You provided me with great advice. I am not familiar with criminal law. You gave me specific and helpful advice that I immediately put into action. You put my mind at ease during a time when I was facing great personal anxiety about a family member. I would not hesitate to recommend you to a anyone who needed prompt and effective legal advice in the area of criminal law. Thank you.”

~Very truly yours, Jeffrey L.