We Know The Criminal Justice System

At Houlé Law, we know the criminal justice system. We understand how it functions from every perspective, not just the perspective of the criminal defense lawyer.

We understand the prosecutor’s standpoint. Our founder, Lisa Houlé, began her career more than 15 years ago as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles County, the largest prosecutor’s office in the country. In this role, she specialized in prosecuting serious criminal charges such as sex crimes, domestic violence and homicide.

We understand the police officer’s standpoint. Lisa Houlé is a former law enforcement instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Department of Public Safety and the LAX Airport Police Department. She has worked closely with law enforcement officers of all kinds. She knows their jobs and their roles in the criminal justice system.

We understand your standpoint. You have been charged with a crime. Maybe for the first time. Maybe you have had to deal with this before. Maybe you have been wrongfully accused. Maybe you made a mistake. Whatever the case may be, this is a stressful position to be in and it is easy to fall prey to the complexities and challenges of the criminal justice system.

You have rights and your voice needs to be heard. We are your advocates. We know what you are up against. We know what you have been through. Our experiences mean we are well-positioned to guide you through the criminal justice system, protecting your rights and telling your story, fighting to see that this does not ruin your future.

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