Defending Against Serious Criminal Charges

At Houlé Law, we have earned a reputation for successfully defending against felonies and other serious criminal charges. We can:

  • Defend you against sex crime charges such as rape.
  • Defend you against domestic violence charges.
  • Defend you against homicide charges, including domestic homicide.
  • Defend you against charges of assault and battery.
  • Defend you against charges of kidnapping.
  • Defend you against any other felony or misdemeanor offense.

Our criminal defense representation is available to people accused of crimes in Los Angeles County, the South Bay and throughout Southern California.

A Holistic Approach To Criminal Defense Representation

With more than 15 years of experience on our side, we recognize that the path to success is rarely going to be a straight line. A more holistic approach is going to be necessary, beginning with taking a few steps back and learning about you and your situation. How did you get to this point? What have you experienced so far? What is your story?

Count on us to get to know the circumstances and to investigate every aspect of your case in order to create a compelling criminal defense strategy designed to yield favorable results in negotiations with the prosecutor, or at a jury trial. Your case will be handled personally by our founder, Lisa Houlé, a true trial attorney and former Los Angeles County prosecutor. Rest assured that we are prepared to go the distance to obtain meaningful results.

Protecting You Inside The Courtroom And Out

Naturally, serious criminal charges will have an impact beyond the legal realm. We understand the sensitive nature of many of the high-profile cases we handle. Even minor crimes can have a significant impact on a person’s life, and we are skilled at handling media attention surrounding cases. This helps preserve your privacy and allows you to focus on fighting the criminal charges and moving on with your life.

Free Criminal Defense Consultation

Call our law office at 424-274-7204 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer about any criminal defense matter.