Homicide Cases Require A Strong Defense

The most serious criminal charges call for a strong defense. If you have been accused of homicide, there is no question that you want to be represented by a lawyer with a proven record for fighting these charges.

At Houlé Law, your case will be handled personally by a former Los Angeles County deputy district attorney with more than 15 years of criminal law experience. Attorney Lisa Houlé and our team know the law, know how to craft effective defense strategies in murder cases and are willing to put in the work necessary to get meaningful results. We defend against charges of homicide and all related crimes, including manslaughter.

Domestic Violence Homicide

When a homicide case involves allegations that one spouse killed the other, or that the accused was in some form of domestic relationship with the victim, it falls under the banner of domestic violence. Different laws may be called into play, adding layers of complexity to an already complex and challenging criminal defense matter.

We know how to navigate these situations. While working for Los Angeles County, Lisa Houlé specialized in domestic violence cases, including domestic homicides. When you choose our law firm, you will have the confidence that comes with having someone who knows the law on your side, someone who is willing to fight for you all the way to trial if necessary.

Free Consultation In Murder Cases

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