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California cop accused of assault with a deadly weapon

It takes about a full work day to make the drive north from Manhattan Beach to the modest Northern California city of Rocklin. The Placer County site is where a police officer was arrested on accusations that he beat a drunk driving suspect with a baton.

The officer was taken to the county jail on charges that include assault with a deadly weapon causing great bodily harm, assault under the color of authority and filing a false police report, the Los Angeles Times reported.

L.A. officer released, but could face charges in fatal crash

The initial allegations against a Los Angeles police officer could hardly be more serious. He was recently arrested for allegedly driving while drunk and crashing his vehicle into a car holding three family members -- all three died after their vehicle caught fire.

The 26-year-old officer was released from custody without charges, however. He had initially been held on $100,000 bail. The investigation into the fatal crash continues, the California Highway Patrol said.

Prosecutor: no charges in ongoing domestic violence dispute

As the old saying goes, there are always at least two sides to every story. The truth in the saying is often illustrated in cases involving allegations of domestic violence. There is no doubt that domestic violence does occur, just as there is no doubt that sometimes false charges of domestic violence are made in bitter divorces and other relationship disputes.

We do not know who is telling the truth in a series of ongoing disputes taking place about an hour southeast of Manhattan Beach, but we do know that the Orange County District Attorney’s office has declined to bring charges in the matter.

The problem of police misconduct

Everyone who pays attention to the news these days is aware that law enforcement officers are under intense scrutiny by those looking for any sign of misconduct.

This movement took off in 1992 with the dramatic footage of Los Angeles police beating Rodney King and the violent upheaval that followed the officers' acquittal.

Details slowly emerge in California child-sex ring case

Prosecutors say they have acquired a second video that will result in more charges against a northern California doctor and nurse, along with an Arizona mother. The three are accused in Santa Cruz County of involvement in a child-sex ring.

No details were released about the second video, but prosecutors say the first video, made in March at a hotel, allegedly shows sex acts with children. The Watsonville police chief has characterized the trio of defendants are in a “complex and disturbing crime that crosses into multiple states."

Los Angeles County Deputy accused of sexual assaults

In certain limited situations, an adult simply cannot consent to sex with another adult. One of those situations involves jail. An incarcerated adult cannot legally consent to sex with a jail or prison guard.

So while an investigation of an alleged sexual encounter between a male Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy and two female inmates has not turned up evidence that he forced himself on them or threatened them, he still faces two counts of sexual assault, recent news reports indicate.

Which is worse for an officer accused of domestic violence?

It is no secret that police officers in Southern California have dangerous jobs that require them to be fully committed to public service, while they are commonly criticized for simply doing their jobs. But we know that some officers may not always exhibit the commitment we expect for our law enforcement community.

So when an officer is accused of a sex crime or domestic violence, it is reasonable to question what is worse: the career implications or the potential for civil and criminal sanctions?

Jail time reduced for officer convicted of felony insurance fraud

While many of our posts focus on defending officers facing felony charges as a result of domestic abuse, assaults and illegal weapons charges, it is important to remind our readers that we defend officers accused of a wide variety of criminal charges, including those that do not involve weapons or physical assault, particularly fraud claims.

Defending fraud claims are particularly important because they strike at the heart of what the public demands from its police officers: honesty and integrity. Without public trust, the police may be unable to perform what is already a difficult job. Additionally, it is critical to preserve an officer’s life and professional interests and constitutional rights through the criminal process. Simply because an officer is accused of a crime does not mean that they are not entitled to the same protections as other defendants. 

Sheriff's deputy who shoots partner charged with a felony

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted the importance of police officers having experienced criminal defense attorneys when they are charged with crimes. We have also noted how the current political (public relations) climate suggests that authorities are more intent on holding wrongdoers accountable, even if they are police officers who are otherwise model citizens.

A story out of Imperial County exemplifies this sentiment, as well as the need for an officer to have a strong legal defense. Last October a Fresno County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed his partner during a firearms safety talk. While the incident is an extremely cruel irony, it has taken a substantial emotional toll on the Fresno County Sherriff’s department. 

Drunk driving risks professional reputation

As police officers know, a criminal charge changes how people look at you. While there are many different types of crimes, the common link is always a criminal record. DUI is one of the most common arrests in California and it affects all walks of life, from officers to civilians. A DUI on your record can influence your job prospects, your right to drive and many more elements of your personal and professional life.

The public has high standards of conduct for law enforcement. Any time an officer is accused of violating a law there is additional scrutiny.


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