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Jail time reduced for officer convicted of felony insurance fraud

While many of our posts focus on defending officers facing felony charges as a result of domestic abuse, assaults and illegal weapons charges, it is important to remind our readers that we defend officers accused of a wide variety of criminal charges, including those that do not involve weapons or physical assault, particularly fraud claims.

Sheriff's deputy who shoots partner charged with a felony

In a number of our posts, we have highlighted the importance of police officers having experienced criminal defense attorneys when they are charged with crimes. We have also noted how the current political (public relations) climate suggests that authorities are more intent on holding wrongdoers accountable, even if they are police officers who are otherwise model citizens.

Drunk driving risks professional reputation

As police officers know, a criminal charge changes how people look at you. While there are many different types of crimes, the common link is always a criminal record. DUI is one of the most common arrests in California and it affects all walks of life, from officers to civilians. A DUI on your record can influence your job prospects, your right to drive and many more elements of your personal and professional life.

SFPD officer charged with child porn possession

Sex crimes are universally despised in our society. Those accused of those crimes are reviled in a way that they essentially must prove themselves innocent instead of the state proving them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Despite how infamous these crimes may be, the constitutional protections applicable to anyone accused of a crime still apply. This is especially important when a police officer is accused of a sex crime.


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