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June 2017 Archives

LAPD officer accused of sexual misconduct with teen cadet

If you thought the scandal involving teen cadets stealing LAPD patrol SUV’s was enough, there apparently are more layers to this incident. According to a recent abcnews.com report, an officer from the same division was recently arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a teen cadet.

Are police officers viewed like NFL players?

It is only a matter of time before NFL training camps open later this summer and the story of Joe Mixon (and the controversy surrounding him) resurfaces. For those unfamiliar with the running back from the University of Oklahoma selected by the Cincinnati Bengals, he is essentially the new poster child for the angst against professional athletes who still play in the NFL despite having criminal convictions for domestic abuse.

Officers accused of stealing overtime hours

For as many people that police officers encounter that are stealing, whether it is property or money, some officers are not above the allegation of taking things that are not theirs. According to a recent news report, four police officers face felony charges after being accused of fraudulently documenting overtime hours.


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