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Questions officers should ask when accused of domestic violence

Indeed, being accused of domestic violence can be a frustrating and helpless experience when you are a police officer. You pledge your life to uphold the law and hold those accountable who do not. But when someone accuses you of a crime simply to exert their power over you, the thought of your career (and your good name) being threatened can be overwhelming.

What police officers should know about body cam footage

Calls for the review of police body cam footage have increased over the past few years. These requests commonly come as a result of complaints made against a police officer (or department) for civil rights violations. Indeed, body camera footage can be helpful in resolving baseless complaints, but it has the potential to be detrimental to an officer’s career.

Should I take the plea deal?

If you are a police officer being charged with or under investigation for domestic abuse, chances are that you know that a discussion about a plea deal will be forthcoming. After all, a majority of criminal cases are resolved through plea deals, so they are fairly common.

Officer suspected of improper weapons purchases

Indeed, curbing gun violence is a top priority for police departments today. To do this, local authorities conduct additional investigations with federal law enforcement bureaus to uncover illegal weapons sales. Sometimes these investigations may unwittingly ensnare local police officers.


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