Who Stands Up For Police Officers?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | criminal defense |

The role of the police is to protect and serve. They are the good guys. Nonetheless, public sentiment toward them is increasingly negative, even when they do everything they are trained to do to keep the public safe.

On those rare occasions when a police officer actually does make a mistake, it can seem as though the whole world turns against him or her. An officer can work for years, earn a perfect record, make one single misstep outside of the line of duty and suddenly risk losing everything. Who stands up for these officers?

Innocent Until Proven Guilty Applies To Police Officers Too

In the event that a police officer is charged with an off-duty crime such as domestic violence, assault, battery or drunk driving, the officer has the same rights as anyone else. The officer is innocent until proven guilty, and the officer has the right to an attorney who will stand up for him or her and fight to protect an important career.

At Houlé Law, we are proud to offer criminal defense representation to the men and women of law enforcement. We recognize that this is risky, stressful and often thankless work. We have seen firsthand through our past work in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and in our law enforcement training sessions just how hard police work to keep the streets of California safe. We know that they strive to work at and live up to a higher standard, but they are still only human. And humans make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes lead to criminal charges.

We stand up for police officers against those criminal charges. Count on us to fight for you the way you have fought to protect and serve.