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Weinstein could face civil and criminal charges for sex crimes

One of the biggest scandals to come out of Hollywood this year has been the barrage of sex crime allegations against film tycoon Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, formerly the head of film studio The Weinstein Company, faces multiple allegations ranging from sexual harassment to sexual assault. After a major exposé in the New Yorker magazine revealed several allegations of nonconsensual sexual activity against him, several dozen women have come forward with accusations against Weinstein, some of which date back at least two decades.

California sex offenders no longer on registry for life

In a recent bill signed by the governor, some sex offenders in California will no longer be listed on the sex offender registry for their entire life. This will remove an estimated 90 percent of offenders from the current registry—a significant change after 70 years of keeping an offender on the registry for their lifetime.

Police sting for sex crimes caught one of their own

Last week a county sheriff’s office in another state ran a week-long sting to target sex trafficking and online prostitution. The week resulted in arresting almost 300 people from various states and a broad age range between 16-74 years old. Their backgrounds varied as well, including teachers, military members both active and retired, and one of their own—a police officer.

SFPD officer charged with child porn possession

Sex crimes are universally despised in our society. Those accused of those crimes are reviled in a way that they essentially must prove themselves innocent instead of the state proving them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Despite how infamous these crimes may be, the constitutional protections applicable to anyone accused of a crime still apply. This is especially important when a police officer is accused of a sex crime.

LAPD officer accused of sexual misconduct with teen cadet

If you thought the scandal involving teen cadets stealing LAPD patrol SUV’s was enough, there apparently are more layers to this incident. According to a recent abcnews.com report, an officer from the same division was recently arrested on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with a teen cadet.

Why police officers accused of sex crimes need representation

In Los Angeles, and across California, it is not uncommon to hold police officers in high regard. Indeed, they have a dangerous, often thank-less job, but it comes with a sense of responsibility. In essence, we expect police officers to follow the laws they are charged with enforcing. So when a police officer is arrested or charged with a sex crime, it sometimes shakes the foundation of our society.


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